Friday, April 14, 2006

New Brit war hero for Iraq

Now, boys and girls, I really do love a guy (well, anybody really) in uniform as much as the next dirrrty international poetess, but I don't usually have any time for "our" (or anyone else's) "boys and girls" (or their mourning loved ones) complaining about post-traumatic stress disorder (or whatever) or their missing limbs or anything like that. I even wrote an only very slightly offensive poem on a related theme a year or so ago! It's not as if we have conscription (or the "draft" that those good ole boy US prezzies are so fond of dodgin'). Surely these soldiers know what they're getting into, enjoy the perks (such as they are) for much of the time, and so forth. I digress; to the point of this posting: this ex-RAF doc chappie must be allowed to argue the case for the illegality of the Iraq war in a UK courtroom. So hath Edna spoken, so shall it be dung.