Thursday, April 27, 2006

Considered response to problems of Clarke, Hewitt and "two shags"

I's a laffin', peeple. Edna's a laffin' reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalll gerrrrrrrd. Hot dam'. That there Black Wensda'. Them "new" Labour boys 'n' gals is jes way too leeeeeeeeeeeb'ral fer yo dear old mofo-in' blog-narrator, mah droogies, truth be told to Gawd up on high. Whatever. 'Cos I kin swear on a stack o' Wholly Bibles that I don' hold NO truck with them muthas. No TRUCK whatsoivva. Hell yeah! They's jes' got to git and git GERD. Yo, local lections comin' in few days or therebouts too. Here's some interestin' results in the meantime. Yee hah. Holy sheet. Don' axe.
But Ariel Shay-ron - now he's a real Good Ol' Boy. Looks a bit like one of mah cowhands down on the range, ol' Bobby Joe - bit thinner though and way mo' livelier (though not so much lately, come to think of it). Both stink like horse crud.
Gotta git.