Friday, May 05, 2006

On the Cabinet reshuffle (Warning: may include gratuitous gloating)

C'est très amusant, mes chères! The big-eared, pompous git has been relegated to the unwashed backbenches (Chucky, dear, you should've gone far sooner really, shouldn't you now?) and the unpleasant oaf has been, it would seem, stripped of much of his Ministerial privilege (sticking round for a few more horny slob newspaper revelations, are you, lad?). The dishonourable bar stewards deserve far worse of course, but Edna does like a good gloat on a Friday after a disastrous local election for New Labour. Ahhhhhhh...
Well, now that I've enjoyed that, and on a more serious note, Edna is still not satisfied. No. The central evil of British society still remains very much ensconced on his blood-stained throne: yes, our beloved treachery-spinning, warmongering, dirtbox-filthbucket, slimeball-eyesore-on-the-landscape Prime Minister is still there. Hubris must surely get him in the end the way it got Chuck.
O come forth, eldritch demons and Necronomicon warlocks of Cthulhu, come forth, wool of bat and tongue of dog, spew your gobshite on these unrighteous devil's spittles and get Bush too while you're at it. This is Edna's will. Bring down elephantine brown elevens' on their ignoble heads. PULL THE STRING! PULL THE STRING!


clare said...

How on earth did he get a shag anyway?
Its unbelievable Edna

Edna Sweetlove said...

You better believe it, Clare dear. Power gets you randy, corrupts you and then gets you randy all over again in a self-perpetuating shagadelic political process. And Edna speaks from personal randy experience here, btw.
(Also, it will be noted that many of his alleged shagchums have done all right out of it themselves, thank you very much.)

Marfit said...

Edna, you are utterly barmy, and we love it.