Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Edna's Middle East conspiracy theory

How about if there’s a secret agenda to the murderous fascistic Israeli attacks on Lebanon? How about if the Israelis know there isn’t a hope in Hell they can defeat Hizbollah no matter how many kids they pulverise? How about if they know it will make them even more hated than they are now, but that’s intended? How about if Bush and the neocons know that too but that’s what they want as well? How about if the US Govt expects and wants an Arab backlash strike against Israel? How about if that would give the Israelis a stiffener to keep on fighting and killing and grabbing land? How about if an attack on Israel might rally support for the pariah state among the gullible American public? How about if part of the plot is to actively encourage another terrorist attack (preferably against the US or Britain)? How about if a few hundred dead American and British civilians would just be collateral? How about if a “terrorist outrage” would give Bush and his hideous cronies an excuse to attack Iran? How about if this is all just another sick exercise to bolster up support for the alleged war on terror? How about if Blair supports Bush only because he is looking forward to profitable lecture tours in the USA when he retires? How about if the Middle East is a powder keg just being primed to blow up and it’s all about money and oil and profit? How about if the Bible Belt loonies are praying for more bloodshed as they want their imaginary Armageddon? How about if someone assassinated Bush and Cheney and someone even worse took over? How about if everyone woke up to what might be really happening?


Malcolm said...

Oh look, its Green Helmey Guy, taking the same body out of yet another ruined building.

I take it you don't like Israel edna ?

Edna Sweetlove said...

Vy, votever makes you think that, my dear!? I’ll have you know that Edna bows to NO ONE in her profound distaste for and strict condemnation of ALL forms of bigoted and tasteless prejudice. Well, at least any more than’s ABSOLUTELY necessary…
They don’t call me SWEETLOVE for nothing, babychops.
(PS What's a "Helmey"?)